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Touring Kayaks for Hours of Water Fun

Touring kayaks from DICK'S Sporting Goods are ideal for adventures on the open water or in your favorite river or stream.

For solo paddling adventures, DICK’S Sporting Goods offers high performance one-person kayaks with comfortable seats, ample storage compartments, convenient deck bungees and other valuable features. If you’ll be kayaking with a partner, explore the selection of tandem touring kayaks with two cockpits and advanced hull designs to help you maintain control of your watercraft even in challenging water conditions.

Choose from an assortment of rugged, maneuverable touring kayaks from top brands such as Old Town®, Pelican®, Perception Sport® and Emotion or shop all kayaks today.

Expert Advice

Touring kayaks are typically longer and narrower than other kayaks, making them well suited to handle the challenges of open water paddling. When choosing a touring kayak, keep the following points in mind:

  • A good fit is essential for safe, enjoyable kayaking. Smaller paddlers should look for a smaller kayak to ensure that they are able to keep their legs and hips in contact with the boat for maximum control. Larger kayakers should choose a longer, wider boat to allow for easy exits when needed.
  • If you are planning to spend full days in your kayak, look for a boat with extra storage capacity to hold food, drinks and other essentials.
  • Before you take your new touring kayak into the water, spend a few minutes on land to become familiar with your kayak’s features.
  • Many touring kayaks include adjustable foot pegs, so be sure to find the proper peg position before you start paddling. Your feet should rest on the pegs comfortably, with your legs slightly bent and in contact with the thigh pads inside the kayak.
  • Many kayaks also feature an adjustable backrest. For maximum comfort and control, position your backrest so that your legs form an angle close 90 degrees with your torso, with your upper body leaning slightly forward rather than backward.