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Add Resistance to your Workout with Slam Balls

If you feel like you've plateaued in the gym, try adding slam balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods to your workout routine. Medicine slam balls are sturdy, yet soft spherical weights. They're perfect for a number of workouts, especially those involving the upper body and core. From playing catch with a partner to adding resistance to ab exercises, there are many ways to take full advantage of these popular weights.

Variety is important when it comes to strength training. Whether you're looking to get buff, or just maintain muscle tone, it pays to try new things. Slam balls for sale in this collection are manufactured by leading brands and designed to be highly durable. Add one to your fitness routine today.

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Slam Balls are Essential Workout Gear

Medicine balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods deserve a spot in your home gym. Simple in design, these weighted balls can be used by both novice and experienced bodybuilders, as well as people who are just beginning to train. They are available in sizes from 6 lbs. all the way up to 40 lbs. Here are some exercises you can perform with these versatile weights:

  • Crunches: Hold a slam ball over your head while you do crunches. You'll make each rep much more efficient.
  • Squat and Throw: Hold the ball at your chest, go into a squat, and then explode upwards, throwing the ball as high in the air as you can.
  • Hoover Ball: Similar to volleyball, this team sport involves tossing a slam ball over a net. It sounds simple but can quickly become physically demanding.

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