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Wrestling Basics: Learn About Wrestling Headgear

Stay safe on the mat with innovative wrestling headgear from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Wrestling headgear ensures you meet league requirements for your next match—and stay safe while you’re taking on the competition. Just like your wrestling shoes and wrestling singlets, your headgear is a key factor in your season’s performance.

You can select from a variety of headgear types for the fit and feel you prefer. Adjustability settings and comfort-maximizing features ensure you feel natural through the final second on the clock.

Discover wrestling headgear from brands like ASICS®, Cliff Keen® and adidas®. Make your mark with a variety of colors and designs that are sure to show the competition you’ve come to play.

Expert Advice

High school and collegiate-level wrestlers are required to wear protective headgear for competition. The best headgear provides excellent protection without added bulk—so you can rack up pins without distraction.

Wresting headgear comes in several key designs. A popular style is a traditional four-strap with ear cups, which provides robust ear protection on the mat. Some wrestlers prefer the two-strap with plastic ear-cup design.

Go for wrestling headgear lined with responsive yet lightweight foam padding, which provides both comfort and impact dispersion for a safer performance on the mat. Some sets come with innovative gel cushioning systems. Built-in ventilation provides comfort, breathability, and many sets allow for sound to properly enter—so you can hear the fans cheering from the stands.

Most wrestling gear comes with adjustability settings and a one-size fits all design—so you can easily customize your fit for maximum safety.

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