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Camping Tents for Overnight, Outdoor Adventures

Understanding the different types of camping and outdoor tents available will help you choose the best camping tents for your needs. A tent to take on a long backpacking expedition will require a different tent that you might use on a family camping trip.

Whatever your outdoor knowledge and trip length, DICK'S has the perfect camping tent for you.

If you buy a 2 or 3-person backpacking tent, you can travel light, yet you will have room for extra storage. Boots, backpacks and other materials are generally kept under a rain fly and outside of the tent. On the other hand, DICK'S has 10-person tents that are suited for large families or groups of people who need more space for sleeping and storing items. You can also shop a great selection of 4-person tents. Get all of your outdoor cooking gear with our selection of camping and outdoor grills

In addition to camping tents, you can also find pop-up SUV tents that fit comfortably on SUVs and in truck beds for off-the-ground sleeping.

Expert Advice

Tents are primarily categorized based on capacity so it is helpful to know how many people you'll need to accommodate on your hike or camping trip.

Browse all tents from top brands at DICK'S Sporting Goods like Eureka!®, Coleman®, The North Face® and more so you can find the right gear for your next camping or hiking trip-everything from 1-person to 10-person tents.

Choosing the right tent for your activity level and trip duration will ensure a good night's sleep in the great outdoors. Below are common types of tents:

  • Cabin Tents - best suited for established campgrounds or base camps. Ideal for families, these basic camping tents feature a large, square design with high ceilings, a rigid construction and vertical walls to accommodate cots, chairs, coolers and other creature comforts.
  • Wall Tents - also known as outfitters tents, wall tents are large, framed canvas tents that are popular with hunters and backcountry campers. Among the largest and most accommodating, these camping tents feature a rigid construction and provide lots of room.
  • Dome Tents - among the most popular types of family camping tents for their simple, easy to assemble construction. Available in sizes from a lightweight 2-person tent to a heavier to 6 or 9-person version, dome tents use flexible tent poles versus the rigid construction of Cabin and Wall tents.


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